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About Young L.O.R.D.

Young L.O.R.D.’ is an illustrious Emcee, Producer, and Songwriter hailing from Lexington, Kentucky.

The musings of a young boy quickly became the words and lyrics of a seasoned artist and rapper as his passion for his art pushed him to make progress at lightning speeds. Early in his career, Young L.O.R.D. was challenged to write intelligent rhymes on a gamut of topics within only a few short minutes; after performing his rhymes to a sea of community success, he was named Young L.O.R.D. by a fellow emcee. L.O.R.D. stands for Lyricist On Real Diversity, a name that any rapper would be honored to carry.

From this point on, L.O.R.D. has been breaking through the hip hop community leaving a trail of success, acclaim and respect in his wake. Young L.O.R.D.’s talents have even been said to surpass some of the well-known veterans in the game today. His passion for his music, diverse content, witty punch-lines, and consistently evolving delivery have put him on the map, but his diligent work ethic and never-failing drive for success are what will keep him there. Young L.O.R.D. is already a successful artist in a challenging and highly competitive field. His potential for national and global success is only a matter of time.



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